Neighborhood Toy Store Day!

Nov 8, 2015
ASTRA Neighborhood Day 15 It’s almost that time again! Every year, members of the “ASTRA” (American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) participate in Neighborhood Toy Store Day. Saturday, November 14th, is the date of this year’s Neighborhood Toy Store Day. ASTRA retailers across the nation will be hosting special events to mark this annual shopping day. From entertainment and crafts to scavenger hunts, ASTRA retailers will have a plethora of fun activities and events taking place this November. Neighborhood Toy Store day was created to bring neighborhoods together at the start of the holiday season; when the spirit of giving is almost in full swing.   This shopping event is a reminder, to the local public, that specialty retailers are an important part of their community. Specialty store owners strive to create a unique experience for their customers unlike that of larger chain stores. This in turn provides an exciting shopping experience for the customer while creating a sense of community. For a full list of ASTRA members, including the specialty retailers hosting events near you, check out the ASTRA website. Search by store name or by zip-code to find out what events will be going on in your neighborhood this Neighborhood Toy Store day!

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