National Bubble Bath Day

Jan 8, 2014
Incase you didn't remember, it's National Bubble Bath Day today!
What does that mean? Slow down, relax and take a little more time cleaning up yourself instead of just showering quick.  It's a really nice way to distress after a long day.  Turn down the lights, maybe light some candles or play music,  maybe even grab your book. If this isn't an option and you're looking for something a little more kid-friendly, get all the bath toys out and pick up some extra bubbly bubble bath from the store.  It's a super fun and inexpensive way to entertain little ones for hours! :) Need some new bath toys?  Here's our suggestions from our Parents®  line: Parents Fishy Fun Storage
Parents Sudsy Fun Mitts: Sea Monster, Fish or Mermaid

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