Mother’s Day: A Day to Appreciate Mom!

May 9, 2013
Mother’s day is the one day of the year that is especially devoted to honoring moms around the world.  At Manhattan Toy we’re celebrating this day of gratitude, by sharing a few Mother’s day traditions and reasons why Manhattan Toy moms’ appreciate this special day! 
Manhattan Toy Mom: Mindy
Title: Graphic Design Manager
Mother's day is pretty amazing, not because I almost always get breakfast in bed, made by my darling daughters…but mostly because it is a reminder of how lucky I feel to be a mom to my sweet, thoughtful and silly girls! They constantly make me laugh and remind me to slow down and find the wonder in life!  Mother's day for me is about being appreciative of my daughters and my own amazing mom, who has been the perfect role model on how to be a supportive, caring and fun mom!
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Manhattan Toy Mom: Kelly
Title: Senior Product Marketing Manager
Ever since my sister and I had kids, it’s been our tradition to celebrate the joys of being a mom together with our mom.  Mother’s day traditionally always includes brunch with our family (we try a new place every year) and exchanging gifts with each other. For all of us, our favorite season is summer so our gifts always have an outdoor theme whether its plants, planters, or fun things for entertaining outside. This is to not only celebrate how much we appreciate each other and our families but also the summer days ahead which we all desperately long for after a Minnesota winter!”
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Manhattan Toy Mom: Barbara
Title: Human Resources Generalist
Although I don’t have any special tradition for Mother’s Day, I usually have my basic plans of seeing my daughter, Skyping my son and calling my mother.  My daughter and I usually plan a day to be out and about together.  This year it’s going to be the Farmer’s Market, garage sales and lunch!  Of course, what would mother’s day be without talking to my mother?  So I always make sure to call her since I don’t live close enough to see her on a regular basis.  And last, but not least, among my Mother’s Day routine: I also set-up a time to Skype with my son Jason, his wife Katie (who is my daughter-in-law, but I’m so fortunate that I don’t think of her as an “in-law”) and my beautiful granddaughter Eleanor. 
If I had to say what my favorite part of Mother’s Day is, it would be, even though I feel loved by my children all the time, it’s nice to have a day that they show it out in a special way – a card, a phone call, or visiting. 
~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Manhattan Toy Mom: Debby
Title: Executive Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
It has always just been my daughter Taylor and I, and our Mother’s Day tradition has been to go to MY mother’s home, spend the day outside, cooking out, exchanging gifts and spending “family” time with my sisters and their families as well.  The fun of three generations laughing, loving and enjoying each other’s company makes for wonderful memories year after year!
On Mother’s Day when Taylor was younger she always made me breakfast in bed.  The best memory of that occurred when she was about 9 years old and brought me peanut butter toast on a tray.  I thought it looked a bit odd and asked her how she made it.  She very excitedly explained that it was easy; she put the peanut butter on the bread then put it in the toaster oven.
It was obvious how proud she was of herself so, of course, I played along and gave plenty of hugs and kisses.  Years went by before I actually told her the proper way to make peanut butter toast in the toaster oven, we had a big laugh over that one!
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From all of us at Manhattan Toy,
We hope you have a wonderful and memorable Mother’s Day!

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