Love can have a small budget

Feb 12, 2014
You don't need to spend a hundred dollars on gifts to impress the ones you love on Valentine's  Day.  Really, this time of year (and in our hard economy) it really is about the thought and just remembering those who matter most in your life.  Our suggestion: set an example of what Valentine's Day really means - a day to celebrate all those you love, not just your romantic partner.  If you do this, kid's will learn at an early age it's ok to be solo on this holiday.  It's just really about showing love to all those around them.  Anyway, on to our cost cutting suggestions. Make cards or send a letter.  This will help you cut costs and most likely will be even more meaningful. You don't need to always buy roses... in fact, mix it up and get the person's favorite flower, or a house plant.  Or better yet - something that will last until spring so they can plant it outside in the garden! Say it in a special way!  Write it on notes around the house, put it on a whiteboard or chalkboard!  Maybe even write it in the snow!  Sometimes just a fun delivery is all a smile love note needs.  Just make sure the place you put your feelings isn't hidden though.  It should be somewhere you know the other will see! Dine in!  And just because you're at home still make it fancy!  Throw a table cloth on the table, pull out the good china, light some candles and put on some sultry music.  You'll save a lot of money and be able to drink even more wine.  You can do this with or without kids.  And for one night let the dishes go until the next day!  Another idea:  If you don't want to involve kids on the holiday, go in on a baby sitter with a few other couples, dining in or not!  It will cut costs and save time in looking for another free person! Make a CD for a simple and sweet gift.  This may sound a bit old school, but it's still super romantic and guaranteed to be loved by the person you give it too.  For an extra touch, create a CD cover with photographs of your family or artwork made by the kids. Last idea.  Bake cookies instead of giving chocolates.  It will be thoughtful and less expensive.  But, make sure to decorate with red and pink sprinkles or chocolates!

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