Investing in Our Future

Nov 4, 2021

Where We Are & Where We’re Going

How is Manhattan Toy creating a brighter future for our kids, our community, and the world? We’re starting from a solid place and are making progress towards some very lofty goals. After all, we care about the same things you do – joyful moments, inclusivity, supporting our community, and sustainability. Here is where we are today.


Quote on a blue background. "Everything we make comes from a place of love and respect for each life our toys touch." Mother and son holding lion soft rattle with burp cloth over the shoulder.

Design Matters  

Play is how children learn and develop. This is why we take toy design so seriously, with careful consideration in every detail. Everything we make comes from a place of love and respect . . . Read more.


We always strive for inclusivity in our toys and how they show up in the world. This has been part of our company ethos long before it became newsworthy to do so. Admittedly, we haven’t always hit the mark. Read more.


In today’s world of eCommerce, where almost anyone can put a toy up for sale on their website or Amazon, proof of toy safety testing is crucial. You can trust that all of our toys are tested to the most exacting international standards for safety. Read more.


Six soft dolls sitting on a bed alongside a quote. "Inclusivity is ap art of our company culture."


Inclusivity is part of our company culture. Our small but mighty team of 44 full-time employees is composed of over 70% women. This is also reflected in our executive leadership team, led by our female CEO . . . Read more.


Because we make products for infants and young kids, we have a binding obligation to ensure the future of our planet is the best it can be. We’re actively working to define our long-term goals for sustainability. We’ve started by switching to shipping cartons made from 90% recycled cardboard materials . . . Read more.


Quote on orange background color. "Being a freind and active contributor to our community is central to who we are."

Happy Start Program  

In late 2018, we launched an annual program of giving for families living below the poverty line in the Twin Cities community.  We worked with the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) organization to identify early education centers in the Minneapolis area serving families in need. Read more.

Giving Back  

Being a friend and active contributor to our community is central to who we are . Every year, our team fulfills dozens of donation requests from local and national nonprofit organizations. As a Minneapolis, MN-based company, we have an especially big heart for local needs. Read more.

Toddler-age boy playing with Beats To Go musical toy, baby boy playing with Atom Teether toy and toddler-age girl strolling the Stella Collection Buggy all on a yellow background color with illustrated graphics.

Learn more about who we are, our process, beliefs, and the individuals behind the Manhattan Toy brand.  Visit our Social Responsibility page today to see the evolving narrative of our efforts to invest in a brighter future for all of us. 

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