Introducing: Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella

Nov 14, 2018
Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella Doll logo along with an example of a doll peaking out of a gift box.

Update:  We always strive for inclusivity in our toys and how they show up in the world. This has been part of our company ethos long before it became newsworthy to do so. Admittedly, we haven’t always hit the mark. Our first Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella program fell short of this intention. By listening to customer feedback, it became clear that we needed to offer equal hair color choices for every skin tone available. Thanks to this feedback, we’ve redesigned the doll customizing experience and will be re-launching it in early 2022. Subscribe to receive our emails today to stay up to date on the latest news!

Welcome to a whole new way to love Wee Baby Stella - Now, you can Create Your Own!

That’s right, now you can select your skin tone, hair and outfit. It's our way of giving customers what they've been asking for: more options!  More hair color and skin tone options and more neutral outfit selections for any boy or girl...less pink!

Available only at it’s a Manhattan Toy exclusive you won’t want to miss. Quantities are limited for the holiday season, so don’t wait – create!

The creation process includes three simple steps:

1. choose your dolly's skin tone

2. hair and  . . .

3. what to wear

Just a few clicks and poof . . . Your doll is created!

What’s included in every $37 purchase of your Create Your Own doll? 

Depiction of what you get with your Create Your Own Wee Baby Stella Doll. It includes a doll in a removable onesie and magnetic pacifier, that comes in a gift box and an outfit. The perfect gift; no wrapping required.

Every purchase includes a doll dressed in a black and white patterned onesie with a matching black and white magnetic pacifier, plus an exclusive outfit of your choice all beautifully packaged in an adorable gift box - no wrapping required. Additional outfits can be selected for just $14 each.

Dolls and Modeling Empathy

Little girl and boy, along with an adult female in room scene playing with Wee Baby Stella soft dolls.

Perhaps you’re expecting the birth of your second child, give new big brother or sister a Wee Baby Stella doll to help ease them into the transition.

The same great features as our award winning Baby Stella® soft doll collection but in a "wee" bit smaller size, this collection of soft dolls and accessories is great for gift giving.  The perfect first baby doll for little ones, teaching fine motor skills, nurturing and empathy.

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