Hygge - the Art of Cozy

Jan 18, 2017

CozyYou may already be familiar with the word, but if not, you soon will be!* In Denmark, the long, dark days of winter are banished by seeking out the simple pleasures of life. Hygge (hue-gah) is the passionate pursuit of a satisfied mind, body and soul. The Danes believe this is best achieved through contentment, comfort, and connection. Denmark frequently tops the lists of happiest countries in the world, giving them a certain credibility on the subject!

Hygge is an easy lifestyle to adopt because it is so accessible and open to individual interpretation. It may involve a long walk, a fire, a favorite reading spot, good food and good companions. Candles seem to be a necessity, as are woolly accessories! In Minnesota, where Manhattan Toy is located, we are no strangers to long, dark and cold. Hygge may be just the right idea to help us get through our winters! 

Travel + Comfort Mat

We would like to help bring this sense of coziness and well-being to the littlest members of your household by offering any toy from our Snuggle & Comfort collection at 30% off now through the end of January! The fact that we have a Snuggle & Comfort category underlines our commitment to the importance of all things soft, comforting and… cozy!   



Swaddle BabiesNew for 2017, are these cozy Swaddle Babies Bunny & Koala cuddled up in soft blankets. 



*The hygge lifestyle is being embraced around the world, with over 20 books in the works. “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking is already a best seller in Great Britain and will be available in the U.S. in February.

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