Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day!

Apr 21, 2016
Image Earth day is Friday, April 22.  What are you doing to celebrate? Founded by former U.S. Senator, Gaylord Nelson, Earth day is a time to remember just how important it is to protect and care for the environment.  After all, we’ve only got one Earth! If you’re looking for some family friendly activities to get you into the spirit of “Earth day” check out our list of five ways to celebrate this year! 1. Get out and volunteer – Find a local organization that has planned environmentally friendly events going on this weekend like planting trees or organized trash pickup. Great resources could be as close as your local community center. Visit to find events in your city/state. Or plan your own group volunteer efforts in your neighborhood to help out your community. 2. Help little ones learn about our Earth – There are tons of fun Earth Day themed crafts that are fun and easy for the whole family. Check out fun crafts on our Earth Day Everyday Pinterest board: Work with your little one to make a DIY compost bin here: 3. Plan a day of eco-activities – Step outside and spend the day doing something right in your neighborhood. Plan a family bike ride, go for a hike, rent a canoe or kayak for the day, etc.  For more eco-friendly activity ideas check out 4. Plan ahead – Make a calendar of events to celebrate Earth Day throughout the rest of the year: sign up for neighborhood clean-ups, mark down free recycling days for disposing of your household hazardous wastes that can harm the environment and as always; reduce, reuse and recycle…every day of the year! 5. Donate – choose an organization you would like to donate to which benefits our planet. For more information on Earth day and where you can participate in activities taking place in your ‘neck of the woods’ this Earth day, visit these great websites:

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