Family Life On The Road

Aug 6, 2021

Paige Jones and family outside their RV with kids using Manhattan Toy wood cameras.Photography by Paige Jones

Livin' the RV Life

Have you ever dreamed of loading up the RV and traveling the country with your fam? Days spent exploring the sites, living minimally, and making unforgettable memories. Sounds dreamy right? Well, at least until the first toddler melt-down! But, let’s face it, minor setbacks only add to the experience.

Paige Jones, photographer, and mama of two, has been living out this very dream for the past eight months! Paige and her husband completed a beautiful renovation of their RV. Modern amenities, paired with a chic minimalistic style. The Jones family has been living a life on the road for the past eight months! But, what's their secret to creating a harmonious family experience while living life on the road? We've got some pro tips to share.


Here are a few pro tips for a successful road trip with the kiddos.

Choose the right RV/Vehicle for your fam. 

Ensure comfort and avoid unneeded stressors by taking the time to choose the best vehicle/RV for your family. Amenities, sleep capacity, layout, and even length come into play when planning any road trip. Some parks and roads have length limits – do your research to avoid any unfortunate surprises. 

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Make a plan as your “guideline.” 

Planning out your major stops and adventures is a must. But be sure to give yourself grace. We all know that things don’t always go according to plan. So, if you get behind schedule or decide to swap out one of your destinations, don’t fret. Enjoy the journey and live the adventure!

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Keep things cozy and inviting.


Creating a “home away from home” experience is key. Take tips from the everyday comforts you enjoy and work them into space. Be sure to think beyond blankets and pillows. If it’s coffee in the morning and fruit snacks for the kids, don’t leave home without it! Perhaps it is creating an outdoor environment that extends your living space. A cozy experience is totally in your wheelhouse!

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Pack toys and activities. 

Toys and games are perfect for road travel. Be picky about what you bring, as you will have lots of fun things to explore at each stop along the way. However, downtime and idle activities will keep the kiddos and adults sane! There are plenty of activities you can create on the fly – scavenger hunts, journaling, eye spy, and more. Remember, travel can be exhausting for everyone, so imaginative toys like plush, favorite dolls/action figures, and games help in keeping even your littlest travelers content.

Plan frequent stops. 

The journey is as much of an experience as the destination. So, avoid cramming too much travel time into each day. Stopping every 3-4 hours can help in keeping everyone fresh and happy. Be spontaneous and look for pop-up stops that the family will enjoy. Is there a waterfall 20 minutes off your path? Check it out! Try to avoid being overly ambitious about your itinerary. Taking a few days to unwind in one location will help everyone recharge their batteries.

For more on Paige’s RV renovation tips and travel toy favorites, check out Mother Mag’s article about the Jones family adventures. Plus, Mother’s got the scoop on travel essentials in their summer travel wishlist. Thank you, Paige, for inspiring us all to take advantage of the precious moments we have with our kiddos!

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