Embrace the Cold and Get Outside!

Jan 22, 2014
Don't let the blustery weather keep you inside all winter long.  Just bundle up and prepare for the outdoors the right way.  Here's our tips great for little ones and adults alike!
  • Fuel up.  Whether off to school or going out to play, get a hot meal for everyone before they embrace the elements.
  • Wrap.  It seems obvious, but wear thick, thermal clothes and layer!  Make sure you cover all the important parts too: feet, hands, neck and head.
  • Wear headwear.  This is so important!  Make sure to ear the right hat - that is covers up those ears, chin and cheeks completely to beat those brutally cold days!
  • Get good boots.  Make sure the boots you own are waterproof.  We suggest pairing them with some good wool or thermal socks.
  • Take warm breaks.  Take warm up breaks and make sure you have hot cocoa, coffee or soup ready for right when you get back in.  It will help warm up bodies right away.

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