Celebrate Baby's First Christmas with Something Extra Special!

Nov 14, 2016

Baby's First Christmas

It certainly is a wonderful time of year! Friends and family from near and far gather around the Christmas tree, complete with a dazzling display of lights and carefully wrapped bows atop presents, to celebrate this beautiful thing called life. What can make this holiday even more amazing? When you celebrate this holiday with baby for the very first time! 

There's nothing like welcoming baby into the family for baby's first Christmas. It might be the first time baby tastes traditional holiday recipes, meets members of the family, and experiences the magic of the holiday season— complete with a visit from Santa! 

The holidays are the perfect time to introduce age-appropriate toys to your baby; give the gift of joy that will help your baby’s development in the coming months. Here are some of our time-tested favorites that baby will surely adore!

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Our one-of-a-kind Winkel is the perfect toy for baby's first Christmas! Babies delight in grasping things as early as four months. It’s when their fresh baby brains are starting to develop fine motor skills, which means baby will seek things out to grab. This is also right around the time eyesight develops enough to track interesting objects.

The Winkel's colorful loops are made from soft, pliable plastic that's fun to hold and an intriguing rattle is nestled in the middle of the eye-catching tubes. Plus, caregivers can refrigerate it for a soothing toy and teether all in one!



Manhattan Toy's uniquely designed Skwish has been around for over 30 years! Just like the Winkel, our Skwish is great for developing baby's fine motor skills. Your little one can grasp, teeth and “Skwish” this beloved toy. Sliding wooden beads create a clacking noise when shaken, enticing baby to play. As baby grows, place Skiwsh on the floor within arm’s reach during tummy time for added amusement and support of gross motor skill development!



Because of its unique design, just one push will keep the Wobbal rolling! It was created by the same NASA engineer and toy designer that brought you the award-winning Skwish. This fun toy is bright in color and has an amusing rattle tucked inside that chimes when baby pushes it along.

Wimmer-Ferguson® Infant Stim-Mobile™



Infant Stim-Mobile

The award winning Wimmer-Ferguson® brand has been winning the hearts of parents and babies for more than 30 years. The research based graphics and patterns on all Wimmer-Ferguson products adapt to a baby's changes in visual development by featuring a range of design, complexity and color.  Introduce baby to high contrast images and colors for early visual and multi-sensory development this holiday season! 

Snuggle Baby Lion


Snuggle Baby Lion is one of the sweetest Snuggle Babies around! Your little one can cuddle up close with this super-soft doll. It even comes with a plush, hooded sleep sack that turns Snuggle Baby into a cute, furry lion. Don't forget to check out our other Snuggle Babies, like Snuggle Baby Bear and Snuggle Baby Bunny

Playtime Pond™

Playtime Pond

Tummy time is great for infants learning to roll over, crawl and even for just playing on their tummy! The Playtime Pond is perfect for infants, whether they simply lay on the mat, crawl around or play with the adorable character attachments.  Baby's will love the three detachable characters that feature Velcro-like strips on their bottom for easy attachment and detachment. This adorable play mat is a great gift for baby this holiday season.

Baby Whoozit™

Baby Whoozit with Little Girl

Baby Whoozit is loved by babies everywhere and has garnered several prestigious awards for its universal appeal and thoughtful design.  Bright colors and high-contrast patterns offer visual stimulation.  Baby will love playing with this colorful and happy faced activity toy.  From crinkle paper and squeakers to fabric teething rings, rattles and a discovery mirror, baby will have plenty to keep them busy from Christmas morning and on!

Put & Peek Birdhouse™

Little ones will love the put & peek sorting play of this delightful birdhouse.  Encourage the fostering of motor development skills that come with picking up the four adorable little birds and putting them in and out of their little birdhouse.  Each bird has a different fun textures, rattles and crinkle paper features.  Plus, the Put & Peek Birdhouse has won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal award for its imaginative and playful design.  It's the perfect first Christmas gift for little ones nine months and up.

Playful Pony™

Playful Pony

This Norse horse is packed with multiple play surfaces, bead runs, peg mazes and more. Foster your child's fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination this holiday season.  Plus, this beautiful wood activity center doubles as great room decor.  The perfect toy for your soon to be 12 month old!

Regardless of how you surprise baby this holiday season, we hope your holidays are cheery and bright.  And remember, we're offering free shipping on all standard ground orders now through the holidays. Order by December 16th to get your gifts by Christmas! 



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