Baby's Snuggles: The Inspiration for Snuggle Pods™

Feb 1, 2016
Is there anything better than baby snuggles? That’s an easy one: No, there’s not! But cuddling up with your little love is more important than just squeezing those chubby little cheeks and getting the warm and fuzzies. According to Scientific American, skin to skin contact can accelerate baby’s development, as well as their recognition of self. Not to mention, it’s great for your emotional health, too! Baby snuggles were our inspiration for Snuggle Pods™, one of our favorite soft toys! Plush dolls get tucked into their little pea pod for a dreamy night’s rest, and make great cuddle buddies for your little ones. Teach them about bedtime, and then make sure they have a loving pal to snuggle up to, even when you’re not there. (It’s okay, we know you’re still the best snuggler there is.) snuggle pod

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