A Walk Down Memory Lane

Dec 11, 2013
As a toy company, we strive to create toys that kids will love and enjoy for years to come. On a day-to-day basis we are constantly reminded, by our customers, how toys have the remarkable ability to leave a lasting impression.  Think back, can you remember your favorite toy at the ripe-ole-age of seven?  Better yet, can you still hear the commercials for the 'hit toys' being advertised during your elementary school days? With so many different types of gismos and gadgets coming out today it is easy to compare the toys today to those of yester-year.  So we decided to dig into the memory banks of the Manhattan Toy team to see what toy favorites they could recall from their childhood.   Needless to say, these toy company employees are passionate about their toy favorites!
Over the Decades!
Toy Favorites
Must-Have Toys

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