4 Ways the Winkel Builds Wonder

Apr 29, 2016
Baby girl teething on Winkel with text - Wonder with a wink!

Babies delight in grasping things as early as four months when they are just starting to develop fine motor skills. This is also when eyesight matures enough to track interesting objects, which is why infants often put objects with contrasted patterns or bright colors in their mouths. This new sense of wonder is what makes our Winkel™ a winner across the board.

Winkel teether toys on shelf inside and outside of basket.

1. Easy to grasp: Manhattan Toy Winkel is composed of small, flexible tubes, great for little ones just learning to grasp. It also promotes clutching and two-handed play.

2. Loops are thin, lightweight, and flexible: The toy is lightweight so it won't hurt when your little one misjudges the distance from hand to face.

3. Can be refrigerated for teething babies:  The soft, colorful loops are made from safe, BPA and PVC­ free plastic and can be refrigerated to soothe teething babies.

4. A soft rattle keeps them engaged: In addition to its visual appeal, the Winkel has a soft rattle in the center, which keeps babies engaged. Watch your baby smile and laugh while shaking, chewing and looking at the brightly colored loops.

The development of hand-eye coordination in your little one is an essential stage! Make sure the target of their newfound wonder isn’t your favorite pair of hoop earrings (ouch). Your little one’s gums and your jewelry collection will thank you.

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