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November 02 2012


Manhattan Toy
August 05 2016

Hello Dave,

Thank you for contacting Manhattan Toy about your inquiry. We are sorry to hear abou the loss of your beloved toy, however we are more than happy to help. We successfully received your email via our marketing email folder and have sent you a response. Please feel free to continue the conversation via email.

Thank you again,

Manhattan Toy

Dave Wilson
August 05 2016

Hey guys, I know this is way off of the wall, but I’ve contacted PR and customer service with no luck. I recently lost an item produced by your company in 1995 that was given to me by my grandma and I’ve had ever since. It’s been the most important item in my life growing up and ever since, and I recently lost it during a trip to the hospital. I need to know if there is any way I can get information on this product or if I can possibly have you guys produce another (I’d pay through the nose for one at this point). Please respond or email me and I can send more pictures or information. Some kind of reply would make my day, either from you, costumer service, anyone.

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