School’s Out! Time for Summer Travel Planning

summer travel

School is out for the summer for a majority of students across the U.S. So what’s next? Why not take a much needed family vacation?! According to the Travel Habits of Americans 2014 survey, “42% of Americans did not take any vacation days in 2014”. It’s hard to believe that so many hard working Americans chose not to take any time off. All the more reason why this summer you should pack up the kids and get some ‘R & R’. Whether you plan a trip to Orlando to visit Disney World or you take the kids on a weekend adventure to a cabin on the lake, sometimes getting to your destination can cause passengers to get a little restless.

So, how do you prevent restless traveler syndrome? Plan accordingly and pack up some fun activities so there are no “un-happy campers”. We’ve created a list of useful activities and pack-along suggestions to take with on your next family vacation. Restless-Traveler




1.  Reading for pleasure – pack a book or magazines for some independent amusement.

2.  Travel on a high note – whether you’re in the car or on a plane, pack your mp3 player, iPod, etc. and headphones to enjoy your favorite songs on the go.

3.  Snuggle up – bring along your kids’ favorite blankie, pillow or soft toy to snuggle with when they get sleepy from travel.

4.  Travel & comfort – pack a neck pillow or two to help with awkward sleeping conditions.

5.  Games galore – bring some easy to transport games: cards, dice, notepads for hangman, crossword puzzles, etc. - try our Stash Boxes for storage!

6.  Keep baby busy – for little travelers, make sure you pack a few of their favorite teethers and travel toys to keep them entertained.

7.  Back seat cinema – if you’re going on a road trip and have a vehicle equipped with a DVD player, pack a handful of movies to make the time fly.

8.  Coloring on the go – if your kids like to doodle and draw, bring some coloring books or paper and color pencils to keep them busy. - Check out our printables board on Pinterest!