Meet Baby Stella®

Meet Baby Stella® Being a parent is a big job. Keeping the kids clean, happy and healthy comes with a to do list that’s longer than you could ever have imagined, and from day one, that means feeding, rocking, changing, singing, and wiping away the tears (even when sometimes you’re in tears yourself)! But when that list of responsibilities grows, so too does your heart.  One of the most important things you can teach your little one is how to give all that love! raylyn

Award-winning Stella is the perfect first doll to inspire role play in little ones.  Not only is she soft and snuggly, her detailed embroidery gives her lifelike fingers and toes, a belly button, and that oh-so-sweet Stella smile.  

Besides encouraging role play and caring for their dolly, the robust assortment of accessories in the collection supports the development of fine and gross motor skills.  From removable clothes for dressing, magnetic pacifiers, bottles, cradles and more the complete doll collection includes tons of playful accessories that provide ample ways play. Little ones can learn all about what it means to comfort, care, and nurture.  Thanks to Stella, we’re making the world a softer place.