Must Have Easter Gifts for Babies and Toddlers

It's finally spring! Goodbye snow; it's been nice knowing ya. Hello rain, flowers and of course, Easter.  With the holiday drawing nearer, you are faced with the big hairy question: What do I put in their Easter basket?!

Don't lose your cool. You've known these kiddos since day one, so picking out fun gifts you know they'll love is child's play. Plus, you've got Manhattan Toy to help!

We've curated a collection of gift ideas to fill your little one's basket. So, take a deep breath and start your search for fun-filled toys, dolls and plush that will make them smile.

Easter Gifts

1) Lullaby Sun Pull Musical 2) Skwish Colorburst 3) Groovy Girls Jamie 4) Pack Backs Multi-Checkered 5) Phone Wedge Blue 6) Atom Teether 7) Cactus Garden Rock + Rattle 8) My Pal Clover 9) Lovelies Binky Bunny

Easter Gifts

10) Cactus Garden Bloom + Bite 11) Classic Baby Beads 12) Nursing Nola Rabbit 13) Adorables Lulu Bunny 14) Mix and Match Magnetic Stackers 15) Cactus Garden Jet 16) Lemon The Bear Goes Camping Soft Book 17) Lemon The Bear + Kitty