Meet Manhattan Toy's Newest Mom

May 11 2012


Sue Hull
August 05 2016

Wow! Reading about you and your baby meeting for the first time brought back so many memories when I had my daughter 26 yrs ago.I remember the second I saw her I was so in awe and I can’t put into words the love I felt for her.I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.I kept thanking God over and over. Actually I still do that now.She’s the love of my life.She’s getting married next yr.I’m so proud of the woman she is today.I’m a single mom but my mom helped me raise her. I had her when I was 20. Having her saved me from going down the wrong road. I was hanging out with bad people or low lifes I should say.I was doing drugs. Now that I’m a Christian my life is brand new.Being a mom is the most important job I ever had.I wish you all the love,happiness,good health and all the wonderful things raising a child brings.Your baby is beautiful,a precious gift from God.Happy Father’s Day to your husband.God Bless You All!

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