Gifts Galore for Birthdays 1-4

First birthday balloon display.

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Our Birthday Favs

It is fun to give gifts, especially when you're able to witness the sheer joy in the recipient's face after unwrapping the perfect gift. Discover toy classics and new designs that make the best developmentally friendly gifts for littles age 1-4. 

Little girl playing with Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack Up
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Toys for 1st Birthdays!

You can't go wrong with wood activity toys. The Deep Sea and Playground Adventure toys feature gliders, bead runs, spinning gears and more! Plus standing play for new walkers. Stacking toys like the Brilliant Bear Magnetic Stack Up and Cactus Garden encourage honing those fine and gross motor skills. But, for the water lovin' babies, you've got to gift one of our new floating fill n spill toys - Crab, Whale, Pirate Ship or Sailboat! Great for in the tub or the kitty pool.

Got a doll lover in the family?  Baby Stella and Wee Baby Stella - make great first dolls.  Their completely soft bodies are great for cuddling and carrying, plus each doll includes a magnetic pacifier! Our Stella collection offers more than just dolls, discover fun accessories for encouraging imaginative role play. 

Favs: Our 8 favs for 1 year olds.

1) Baby Stella Beige Doll with Brown Hair  2) Deep Sea Adventure 3) Stella Collection Pool Party 4) Cactus Garden Magnetic Stacker 5) Toadstool Cottage 6) Crab Fill N Spill Floating Toy 7) Wee Baby Fella 8) Musical Lili Llama 

Boy going down slide with Playdate Friends dolls.

Toys for Two Year Olds

Those two year old toddlers love exploring new things. That's why Baby Stella Learn To Dress Dress is perfect for littles learning to dress themselves.  This doll is loaded with features that encourage fine motor development - buttons, snaps, zippers and ties. Helping to hone their elementary dressing skills. For doll enthusiasts that take their dolly everywhere, Playdate Friends are the perfect solution. They're 100% machine washer and dryer safe! Not to mention, adorable! Plus, they come with a matching animal companion. 

It's never too early to introduce numbers and the concept of subitizing - the ability to recognize a small group of objects without counting. That's where our Subi! game comes in. Pairing number learning with game-time fun.  For toddlers that likes to discover new sounds, check out our Beats To Go, along with others from our musical toy collection.  Beats To Go is great for your summer time travel as it's easy to carry and compact for on the go. So many toys to consider, it's hard to choose!


Our 8 favs for two year olds.

1) Baby Stella Learn To Dress 2) Subi! 3) Beats To Go 4) Playdate Friends Ellis 5) Amigos Llama 6) Playdate Friends Freddie 7) Playground Adventure 8) Pirate Ship Fill N Spill Floating Toy

Girl playing with Making Faces Magnetic Set.

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Toys for Three & Four Years Olds

Preschool-age toddlers are busy little bees. Gift them toys that allow them to explore, play, learn and grow.  Our complex wood stacking toys like our Boom Shock-A-Lack-A and Bam-Stack-A-Lack-A offer stacking play that tests toddler's spatial reasoning. If you're working with your kiddos on feeling identification, then the Making Faces Magnetic Set is right up your alley. Littles can create their own facial expressions to reflect their feelings or those of others - social emotional learning in its simplest form. 

Got a game lover in the making? Then you'll want to see our latest matching, memory and animal-inspired games. Like our Pup Match UpPaws & Claws or Subi! Each game fosters memory, matching, number and/or animal recognition skills.  For the aspiring foodies, explore our adorable wood kitchen-inspired role play sets - Ribbit Waffle Maker, Bunny Hop Mixer, Toasty Turtle and Early Bird Espresso. Check out more great gifts for 3+ that will put a smile on the face of the toddler in your life.


Our 8 favorite toys for 3 and 4 year olds.

1) Bam Stack-A-Lack-A 2) Making Faces Magnetic Set 3) Little Nook Playhouse 4) Pup Match Up 5) Ribbit Waffle Maker 6) Stella Collection Happy Camper 7) Nursing Nissa 8) Loki Leopard

 Girl snuggling with Harper Bunny.

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Toys are for All Ages!

Soft stuffed animals like the Velveteen dinosaurs, Benny The Blue Footed Boobie, and Kiwi Koala are great for kids and adults. Learning to self-sooth and build emotional connections is a great skill for little ones to learn. For older children, these plush friends encourage role playing while fostering language and social emotional development. Find more plush animal toys in all shapes and sizes for kids of all ages when you shop our Stuffed Animals & Puppets category.

Make this birthday a Manhattan Toy birthday. To find more great gift ideas for the birthday babe in your life, shop our gifts by age section. Happy shopping!