Baby’s First Christmas

Your child’s first holiday season is special and brings with it a whole host of new firsts.  It is the first time your littlest love will be included in family traditions and celebrations.  The first time the newest member of your family sees the wonder of holiday displays and lights the first time he will hear age-old holiday songs.   Depending on how old your baby will be during the holidays, it will be the first time she tastes traditional holiday foods and meets Santa. For some, the holidays may be the first time extended family meets your baby.    It’s important to slow down and take the time to enjoy all of these firsts with your baby.ben xmas The holidays are also an ideal time to introduce age-appropriate toys to your baby or plan ahead and give the gift of toys that will help your baby’s development in the coming months.  Baby’s first Christmas can fall during the first months of baby’s life or closer to your baby reaching a year old so there is no one size fits all.  Planning requires some thinking about your baby’s developmental stage and needs. manhattan toys-3 For the youngest babies born in the fall or early winter babies can be presented with their first toys during the holidays.  These babies may just be becoming aware of the world.  Good options include a lovey, such as the Savannah Hippo Lovey or My Snuggly Bennet.  These super-soft friendly looking toys can easily become baby’s comfort item to take along on outings or to help baby fall asleep.  Another great choice is the Peek-Squeak Monkey that packs a lot of activities into a small package, including a rattle, tethers with different textures, peek-a-boo window, and ears that crinkle and squeak.  It also has a hook to enable you to attach the monkey to a car seat handle or stroller.   Books are also always a good choice and one of the cutest is the sturdy wooden Rainbow Zoo friends that is great for teaching colors, animals, and animal sounds.   Other good options include toys with bold colors, such as a Whoozit or Wimmer-Ferguson Clip and Discover car seat clips that will keep baby engaged during the many hours he will likely spend in his car seat over the coming year. manhattan toys For older babies, or parents looking ahead, there are tons of good options for interactive toys that will support baby’s development.   The Discovery Triangle packs a lot of punch into a little package with bright colors, a mirror, spinning toys and more.   The Brilliant Bear magnetic stacker is a twist on the traditional stacker toys.  Instead of stacking rings, babies stack colorful wooden circles that are topped with a cute bear face.  Another fun option is a Push and Spin Carousel.  All babies seem to be mesmerized by their own power to push a button and make various objects and balls spin round and round.  This is ideal for babies who are able to sit up and just learning about cause-and-effect. manhattan toys-2 For babies of the verge of toddlerhood approaching their first birthdays this holiday season there are tons of great options to help move them along to the next stage.  The cute, wooden Playtime Activity Cart serves the triple purpose of giving babies just learning how to walk something to lean on and push while they find their balance, providing entertainment with built-in activities, and allowing young ones to store and move around favorite toys in the cart.  Another fun option is the Stack & Pull Train.  The train has adorable wooden puzzle pieces that babies can stack together and once baby starts walking she can pull the train around with him.  Older babies love to fill and spill and the Savanna Fill & Spill activity toy is just the thing to keep them occupied.  Adorable soft animals and a ball fill the soft tote with handles so little ones can fill it up and dump it out wherever they please. With a little thought the toys your little one receives during his first holiday season will be ones that help him learn, grow, and most importantly have fun with you!